West Lake Water Park

    Hospitality – Parks

   Tran Anh Real Estate Investment JSC

   Duc Hoa – Long An

   1,66 ha




West Lake Water Park is a water park project in one of the main residential projects of the Tran Anh Group in the strategy of promoting and developing Long An province in 2019.

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Finding a suitable contractor for theme parks, especially water parks, is always a difficult choice for developers. However, through many years of cooperation with LSS, the investor TA Group truly gives LSS full confidence in both design and construction work, and West Lake Water Park is a typical example.

Located in Tan My commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An province, the 1.66 ha water park stands out as a center for attracting water entertainment services in particular and games services for all ages. West Lake Water Park is not too wide but has many different themes, with the lazy river arranged in the center of the project as a path connecting all the functional areas in the park from which to exploit many perspectives are constantly changing by typical landscapes that attract players as they pass the neighborhood. The light garden is inspired by the image of melting ice and the aurora effect combined using the technique of night lighting arrangement, from which the famous buildings will be displayed with an impressive new experience. The dinosaur park is inspired by the dinosaur skeleton to create a frame system leading into the primitive world with a forest of carnivorous trees, aboriginal villages. In addition, the rocky mountains, castles, rain forests, waterfalls … are also carefully created by LSS designers to bring out the best visual, olfactory, tactile effects!

Soon, West Lake Water Park will step into reality from the drawing under the supervision and construction of a team of experienced landscape engineers from LSS. With our expertise and dedication, LSS assures to bring a professional landscape construction package, precisely, on schedule, and to achieve the goals that the investor wants!

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