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   Bien Hoa – Dong Nai

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Located 6 km southwest of Bien Hoa city, Buu Long Eco tourism is built around the Long An artificial lake with tens of hectares wide. For many landscape designers, Buu Long – Dong Nai eco-tourism is the miniature picture of Ha Long Bay of the south.

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Stone – a typical symbol in the landscape design of Buu Long – Dong Nai ecotourism area. Buu Long is an ideal destination for those who love natural and magnificent beauty.

Buu Long is an ideal destination for those who love natural and magnificent beauty.

Taking advantage of that characteristic of the soil, LSS architects have accented the area with a large Buu Long cliff but are “softened” by a clear waterfall from the top of the ten meters mountain. The senses of visitors through it will be awakened, especially for large areas, creating an upward view and can be seen from afar is very necessary. At the same time, a huge stream winding around through layers of multi-level green carries a rich ecosystem connecting the waterfall with the Long An river below making the whole area more lively and unique.

The main shade trees for the area are Palm trees, which are arranged to welcome both sides of the sidewalk as well as in the middle of gentle hills as a highlight. The shrub is also a humid tropical vegetation cover with large, dark green, and eye-catching foliage suitable for the regional climate. From big trees to flower clusters, stones, lawns are focused on combining to bring a natural harmony with the common landscape but still modern, attractive, and highlight the most features of the Ecotourism destination.

On beautiful sunny mornings, visitors are immersed in the abundance of natural plants and flowers stretching brilliantly on both sides of the path, then on the sunsets, the whole area becomes eye-catching and modern with a carefully calculated lighting system, so that outdoor living areas remain attractive and prominent at night, making the rocks, bushes are more mysterious and intriguing.

Would you like to enjoy relaxing moments with your family and friends while watching the majestic nature? There is an area for your needs with convenient furniture and umbrellas by the river. Would you like to enjoy the feeling of being alone in the middle of the sparkling sunny river? Don’t forget the winding bridge stretching out in the middle of the river embracing the little rocks skillfully./p>

The beauty of the mountain river scene always gives us a peaceful familiarity. The surface of the water is calm and clear, the mountains are standing majestically on the water, it creates a natural, wild, magnificent appearance, something that people can hardly encounter.

If you have come to Buu Long once, you will never forget the unique setting of the landscape here. And perhaps the architect Nguyen Thai Thuat Hien himself is also very proud of this creation.

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