Duong Khang Eco Tourism & Resort

    Hospitality – Parks

   Duong Khang Company Limited

   Cho Moi – An Giang

   7 ha




With the enhancement of life quality, the need to improve the spiritual life of the people is also increasing. Foreseeing that essential need, a group of investors simultaneously boosted these eco-tourism – resort projects, the 7-hectare Duong Khang resort at Cho Moi – An Giang under Duong Khang Co., Ltd. is a typical example.

Including 17 separate functional areas, DK Resort set an extremely high design requirement with the aim of connecting all but still creating a typical space for each area. LSS architects have used the main axis leading into the site to make a dividing line between the entertainment area (dynamic) and the resort (static) and create winding paths throughout the site to get the most logical and stable traffic system.

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In a static area, the most prominent is the overall floating house on the river arranged in an extremely beautiful bow shape. Here, visitors can stay at the resort to enjoy the natural atmosphere – something difficult to find in big cities. Besides, there is a bird’s nest area with a unique design and friendly materials in bio-simulated architecture that brings an interesting feeling to anyone visiting.

On the opposite, the dynamic area is a whole of places to visit and entertain for all ages such as zoos, tree games, water games … full of attraction and thrillful. Especially, if you are too familiar with boring animal pens, LSS will bring you an extremely unique and pleasing design through the curved “eye” symbol. Not to mention the luxurious traditional Asian restaurant area will be the place where visitors enjoy great meals with local ingredients.

With our expertise and great creativity, LSS landscape architects have succeeded in turning Duong Khang resort into a green lung with a conserved ecosystem combined with modern designs and still bold regional identity promises to be an attractive destination for tourists in the future.

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