Mui Ne Bay Resort

    Hospitality – Parks

   Ben Thanh – Mui Ne Corporation

   Mui Ne – Binh Thuan

   3,5 ha




Mui Ne Bay Resort has been considered one of the most prestigious resorts among hundreds of resorts in Binh Thuan with a series of prestigious international awards such as Tripadvisor excellence 2014, Asian Green Hotel Award 2015, Awards Enjoy tropical building 2016 … Located right in Mui Ne Bay (Binh Thuan) and overlooking the pristine Hon Lao in the middle of the blue sea, Muine Bay Resort is like a beautiful Cham Pa flower in the middle of once desert dunes scattering small fishing villages. And now, the flower has come to bloom under the talented hands of the engineers and architects of the LSS landscape solution service company. With our experience of working with high-end travel brands and a young enthusiastic and talented design team, it is not surprising that investor Ben Thanh group has chosen LSS to accompany the Muine Bay Resort project this time.

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As we know, the Cham Pa culture is not only a typical culture of the indigenous people but also carries extremely unique architectural monuments. Maintaining the spirit of inheriting and promoting those long-standing traditional values, Muine Bay Resort has formed itself a Champa style combined with modern design trends and integration to create a distinctive mark for exterior in particular and landscape architecture in general. Typically the lounge area with a unique welcoming roof that LSS architects have chosen to simulate the image of the famous spire domes of the Cham Pa temple architecture. In addition, the combination of ventilation along with the system of pillars with reflected lights from the inside seems to evoke the image of brilliant flower stations reaching out to the early sun in tropical seas.

The landscape lake from a distance with a layout that simulates the ancient temples, above is the symbol of the Gilai boat on the Ca Ty river of Binh Thuan full of gentleness and hospitality! The boat also means sustainable collective cohesion and endless outreach goals for future dreams and aspirations.

The rooftop coffee restaurant area uses a square layout with meandering lines and materials slightly oriented towards the bricks in the Cham towers, besides that rattan chairs, modern umbrellas with ivory-white cushions brings a spatial overview of the subtle interference between tradition and modernity.

The main pivot of Muine Bay Resort is the most special highlight in the landscape here with the system of fountains, overflowing lakes, swimming pools, and trees that are extremely luxurious and eye-catching. The sophistication of the LSS architects is clearly shown through the selective and observant use of traditional images of Cham culture. It is no coincidence that the symbol of the ring of flames of the goddess Siva appears in the majestic fountain area of Muine Bay Resort because fire and water go hand in hand is the combined principle of the indigenous culture here. In the middle of the hundreds of square meter lake area, the Siva ring of flame stands out with a powerful waterfall combined with the glow of yin and yang meaning in harmony forever!

And not to mention the extremely spectacular and unique overflow chamber system that LSS specially designed for Muine Bay Resort. We are sure, feeling as if “walking in the lake” is an addition that makes the experience of the guests more enjoyable.

Aside from the central area, the garden landscape on both sides of the resort is also a promising spot to attract visitors of all ages. A large children’s playground area is designed with items or games that evoke the image of the local culture through materials and colors. An extremely large Koi fish lake with a natural layout blends into the surrounding trees. Imagine that during the best holiday days, what could be more interesting than a family walk in the morning, immersing in clear water in the afternoon, and enjoying the beautiful sunset through to the Poshanu gate? What more do you need?

Every day, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Binh Thuan and promise a spike shortly right after Mui Ne Bay Resort completes the latest designs from LSS!

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