Mizuki Park

    Hospitality – Parks

   Nam Long Group

   Ho Chi Minh City

   29,3 ha




Mizuki Park deserves the name “Japanese choose to invest” as the biggest project ever by two Japanese partners Nishi Nippon Railroad and Hankyu Hanshin cooperating with Nam Long. Highlighting the “sustainable green” criterion, the construction density of the project is only 29% and devotes most of the area to green spaces and public facilities. And this time, LSS is honored to be the conceptual design partner for the main landscape of the whole project.

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Embracing the quintessence elements of Japanese art, LSS architects skillfully metaphorize the image of carp – lucky mascot and bring prosperity in belief as to the main inspiration in the whole design. The main landscape axis is also a bridge spanning a system of tributaries – a feature of the area. The flock of Koi carp stretches towards the central core of the residential area through the symbol on the paved surface that is both artistic, aesthetic, and unique.

The most special one that can be mentioned is the small island park right below the main landscape axis. Although not the largest green area, the islet has an extremely favorable location, right in the middle of the river, the center of all views from the surrounding blocks, and is an ideal destination for yachting on the water. Therefore, the park is conceptually created by LSS architects. Still with the image of the fish, but this time it is vividly depicted with giant Japanese Koi symbols in steel frames being sprung from the river surface and facing the islet. Above are clusters of circular cole-cut trees with low-type vegetation, grass, green moss, and monoliths, giving the most sophisticated, aesthetic, and characteristic Japanese garden image.

Seemingly having the good opportunity with Japanese-style projects, LSS once again formed a beautiful creation that not only satisfies requirements from Vietnamese and Japanese investors but also contributes to building green – pretty and sustainable appearance for the southern gateway region in particular and Ho Chi Minh City in general.

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