Phong Phu Park

    Hospitality – Parks

   Khang Dien House Trading and Investment JSC

   Binh Chanh Distric – Ho Chi Minh City

   3,7 ha




Phong Phu Park is a part of Phong Phu Residential Area project located in Binh Chanh District, HCMC. To create a fully equipped community space in harmony with the greenery in the heart of the city, investor Khang Dien has decided to accompany LSS as the design contractor for this park project.

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Park layout includes 2 green areas opposite through the main landscape axis, each green area ensures all the utility elements for the residents of adjacent house blocks such as sports grounds, squares, gardens, food service area, among water landscape parts. The central squares of the two parks are cleverly connected by the architects through lines and colors, especially the selective materials on the road surface to increase interactivity and become an attractive highlight for visitors. On an area of 3.7 ha, creating landscape lakes is indispensable.

Along the lake, the architects arrange a variety of plants, especially willow and aquatic plants, creating a captivating and romantic image of the area. Besides, other elements such as gazebo, huts, or symbols in the park are also designed by LSS with modern lines to create a whole of extremely unique and novel perspectives. But the most special one is that one of the two residential swimming pools is located neatly in the landscape lake of the project, creating the feeling that you can immerse yourself in a completely natural and ecological space that has contributed to the creation of a unique park and overall reaching the needs of utilities for residents in the area.

The residential landscape is one of LSS’s strengths and Phong Phu Park is one of the typical examples. With an unceasing design experience and creativity, the LSS team brings to each project the most distinctive and unique landscape highlights that contribute to the appearance of new urban areas in the future.

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