Malibu Resort – Hoi An

    Hospitality – Parks


   Hoi An – Quang Nam

   11,6 ha




“After half a life of adventure, I returned to the home river”

MALIBU resort is one of the prime projects of TRACODI Transportation Development and Investment Joint Stock Company. With the trust of the investor, LSS continues to be appointed as the design contractor for a 12-hectare resort project in Hoi An.

The goal of the design plan is to create a space for guests who want to find a peaceful place after stressful working days as well as return to origin and nature. This will be the second home where tourists can have the best experiences and have the opportunity to explore the cultural values of Hoi An.

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The main idea is inspired by the image of the Thu Bon river (the home river of the people of Quang) bringing wealth and prosperity. The river is like a mother who always welcomes her children to return to their homeland with open arms. The architects created a consecutive flow through every building of the project to connect all functional areas with the main landscape towards the beach (waterfall area, harvest landscape, releasing paper lantern while watching fish swimming in the river, lantern booth, beach gates …).

The charm of the water flow not only brings vitality and prosperity but also creates an impressive and unique landscape for this project. Following the main concept, the LSS creates objects that flow along the river such as waterfalls, fish, lantern flowers, rice fields, beach gates, old towns, etc., all of which are stylized and symbolized to make it contemporary, engaging, and lively.

Ancient spirit in a new and modern appearance

The design’s goal is not to break the social space and the nostalgic color of old times. Service areas are arranged stretching without clumping to avoid the strange noises in the hundred-year-old old town. Architects inherit and promote traditional identities in architectural designs, from exterior materials, cornice lights to simulating the Hoi and bamboo lanterns.

We priority to use plants of indigenous origin in all landscape areas and even use the existing local plants to increase the identity, reusing local plants is also a way to increase landscape longevity for the design. It’s well said that the architects have closely followed the most typical regional features of Hoi An into the design, but overall still bring the most novel, unique and modern look to the resort.

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