Binh An Cemetery

    Hospitality – Parks

   Hoa Vien Binh An Co. Ltd

   Long Thanh – Dong Nai

   30,4 ha




Binh An cemetery – one of the cemetery projects created by talented hands of LSS artists, stands out as a famous scenic spot in Dong Nai province invested by Binh An cemetery Co., Ltd. With a scale of 100 hectares, the investor requires a landscape design & master planning to highlight the spiritual architectural ensemble skillfully while bringing the most refined aesthetic for project.

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One of the most attractive and well-known areas in Binh An cemetery is the park complex of Huyen Vu, Chu Tuoc, Thanh Long, Bach Ho ( the image of 4 mascots), and Suoi Nguoi park. The main idea of Binh An cemetery is Buddha’s hand embracing and protecting sentient beings in the tranquility and tolerance with the center where the Buddha radiating halo, in addition, the theme of Ngu Phuc is also integrated into the design to create accents for each zone.

Chu Tuoc is a mascot that helps eliminate disaster, sickness, and demons, brings luck and prosperity to the homeowner, so Chu Tuoc park is widely arranged with full of flowers and bonsai making it looks like a real resort, with the highlight of the Koi aquarium area and gazebo in the middle of the lake, extremely beautiful.

Bach Ho Park is inspired by the jewel in the hands of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha Buddha, with a circular layout, the plants mainly used are Caribbean Trumpet Tree blooming in March shining brightly like the halo of Jewel. The center of the park is the Dia Tang buddha statue placed on a stone pedestal facing Vinh Hang Avenue protecting the living beings here.

Thanh Long Park is arranged with the center of Thanh Long Square, looking towards Maitreya Buddha sitting in the middle of a green bamboo forest with the meaning of bringing happiness and peace to everyone. Besides, the square also draws ideas from the reincarnation circles to create the main highlight for the area.

The most special one is the Spiritual Source Stream – is a completely artificial stream. Springwater can be pure and cloudy, like the spirituality of sentient beings, can be temporarily tainted, but as long as we know how to calm ourselves & find peace, our mind & soul can be purified and returned to the inherent purity.

Developing on the philosophy of “Bringing a peaceful home to everyone”, LSS has succeeded in creating an entire place under the image of a meaningful and unique scenic area – a “cemetery tourism park “really brings a source of good feelings, fresh and pure for anyone coming here.

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