Sonadezi Golf Course

    Hospitality – Parks

   Sonadezi Corporation

   Bien Hoa – Dong Nai

   8 ha




Sonadezi is a well-known golf course invested by Sonadezi Corporation. To create a classy and outstanding urban area, the sports facilities, in particular, a professional golf course model beyond the boundary of the area, is considered a specialty of this projects with the highlight of the famous Sonadezi Driving Range located in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province with a green landscape system conceptualized by LSS team.

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As a part of Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Park, Sonadezi Driving Range needs to have the separation between a series of “factory” landscape motifs nearby and bring the most modern and outstanding look to attract visitors. In that spirit, the LSS architects focused on the façade highlights, including the symbol display area, the multi-function park area, and the green roof of the service area. The symbol display area is extremely attractive with a series of project logos that stand out on the interesting fountain background, along with a system of tall Palm trees lined up steadily, giving the feeling of a high-end and professional service environment.

The multi-function park area is garish and eye-catching with red benches using steel mesh structure. The benches with a variety of shapes and lengths deliberately arranged to blend into the hills on the striped lawn are the designer’s metonymy to evoke a typical image of the golf court terrain. The last part and also considered the most special highlight is the green roof of the service house blocks. Having a modern architectural shape, LSS takes advantage of greening the roof of the building with grass, which is also an international trend in recent years.

Green covering not only reduces heat radiation for the area but also brings a whole new landscape appearance connecting the ground and the roof flexibly and skillfully. At the same time, the small plant clusters are also planted right below, bringing the overall lively, attractive, and outstanding front view of the area.

Sonadezi Driving Range is built focused on the goal of a modern court with a series of high-end equipment imported from many reputable suppliers, therefor the landscape architecture is also compatibly invested. Throughout the hands of LSS architects, the goal of this project is reached and beyond.

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