Sok Giang Villa


   Mr Giang

   Long Binh – An Giang

   650 m2




Sok Giang mansion in Long Binh is always mentioned as one of the most beautiful villas in An Giang. With luxurious and magnificent semi-classical interior architecture, the villa appears as a most splendid castle. The garden landscape is certainly an essential highlight in this total architectural work.!

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The young, creative and enthusiastic design team has built the trust of Sok Giang Villa’s owner. Here, the ideas of the roof garden, vertical wall, swimming pool and Koi pond for Sok Giang villa are synthesized and arranged in the most reasonable and aesthetic way. Especially, the zoning for landscape elements in a modern and clear style has made it possible to approach from many directions, however, the interior of the villa’s garden is built in a semi-traditional style, with slightly natural lines to increase the feeling of discovery and enjoyment. Construction technique is also an advantage of LSS with more than 30 years of experience. With the experience of making the largest green wall in Vietnam, the vertical garden in the dining area and the roof garden in the drying yard and Koi pond area have been completed smoothly.

Since the acceptance and handover, LSS has visited the villa many times, the investor and LSS have since ceased to be merely a partnership, but have become brothers and friends, soul mates. The most practical proof for the whole construction process from kind people, kind products & kind environment!

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