Phnompenh Villa – Cambodia



   Phnom Penh – Cambodia

   5400 m2




LSS once again has a predestined relationship with people and constructions in the land of pagodas and towers – Cambodia. The project below is one of the largest neoclassical mansions in Phnom Penh with a family of two generations and the owner’s requirements for swimming pool, aquarium, bar, jacuzzi, garage, vegetable garden, maid house…

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With a space of more than half a hectare and a variety of landscape types, LSS architects are faced with the problem of organizing layout and traffic so that there is a reasonable and convenient connection.

After business trips to review the status quo, the proposed plan is to organize water activities in the south, tropical landscape – farm landscape – residential area – warehouse – side entrance in the north, organize a tropical mixed hill landscape (backyard of the building) in the West, and finally, organize neoclassical landscape in the East which is also the main entrance area of the mansion. The garden stands out with a pavilion area on the surface of the aquarium facing the outdoor wooden deck overlooking the luxurious swimming pool. The large trees and shrubs interspersed with the stones surrounding the aquarium and the schools of fish floating below create vivid and unique views. If the aquarium is highlighted with many colors from plants and flowers, the swimming pool area next to it brings a gentle touch from the sophistication of materials and plants. The amusement park brings a sense of reminiscing about childhood with its pristine swing and unique checkerboard shape. Behind the villa is a beautiful “self-sufficient” vegetable garden that will surely be a lovely place to “farm” and learn many things for the 2nd generation of the family.

Extremely successful projects with foreign customers are the basis for LSS’s international development. With a team of young and solid engineers and architects who are full of enthusiasm for the profession, LSS certainly brings designs that meet the needs of investors, achieving economic and aesthetic efficiency.

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