Mr Thai’s Villa


   Mr. Thai

   Bien Hoa – Dong Nai

   900 m2




As life improves, the need to enjoy spiritual values is getting more and more attention. The living space of a house is no longer merely the fixed rooms inside, but also elements such as the garden, the landscape, the family living areas right outside the house. Therefore, the luxury garden villas appear more and more, especially in the suburbs or neighboring provinces of Ho Chi Minh City, and garden villas in Dong Nai is an example.

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Located in the heart of Bien Hoa city of Dong Nai province, the villa stands out with its Japanese-style garden image combined with modern trending elements. The campus of nearly 900 m2 is an advantage for LSS architects to design a Tsukiyama garden – the kind of garden that recreates the natural landscape in the most realistic and complete way! The main components of the garden include an aquarium area, a waterfall, a bonsai garden, a patio, and a flower garden. The Koi Pond can be considered the most prominent feature of the campus with its curved wooden bridge, traditional stone lamps, 5-tier waterfall and tobi-ishi stepping stone, all blended together to bring the delicate taste of Japan.

The plants used in the design are also rare trees such as Conifer, Cypress, Bonsai along with low shrubs and moss carpets that bring a typical vegetation image but are still suitable for climate and soil conditions locally. In particular, Zen garden – the famous garden genre of the cherry blossom country is also featured in a unique way through gravel materials and a bamboo gate that helps to divide the space threshold as well as make the garden larger. Besides, the vegetable rig areas on the side of the house, outdoor BBQ and swing area are also meticulously cared for by the architect in Japanese style, resonating with modern elements. This not only helps to add vitality to the space but also meets the living needs to all family members.

With the experience of skillfully designing Japanese-style landscapes, each work created by talented LSS artisans has unique values but still skillfully harmonizes and interferes with the local climate and soil. Since then, the space for family activities and spiritual life has been enhanced and developed.

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