Long Thanh Garden House



   Long Thanh – Dong Nai

   6800 m2




Dong Nai Garden House has an area of 6800 m2, an overflowing aquarium, a vast vegetable garden, yellow flowers, green grass – is a beautifully designed and peaceful rural garden of LSS Landscape Solution Service Joint Stock Company.

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Long Thanh garden house is carefully planned and outstanding with a layout that includes many functional areas such as BBQ, orchard, chicken garden, vegetable garden, flower garden, rest hut, aquarium, etc. but very reasonably arranged.

From small miniature corners to large courtyards, all have the beauty of a modern Chinese garden with winding stone walkways, winding tree arches, colorful fruits along with Asian building materials. The combination of plants is really rich and diverse with bright and colorful tropical flora, and it is also indispensable for luxurious bonsai trees in the “highlights” positions in the garden.

Occupying an extremely large area, the garden house’s aquarium can make anyone come here to admire. The aquarium is calm and peaceful, surrounded by all kinds of flowers, cliffs, and willows that are extremely natural and eye-catching. In one corner of the aquarium, there is an area of huts for sightseeing and fishing – an elegant pleasure for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The familiar curved wooden bridge across the aquarium makes the scene of the garden villa more intimate and peaceful. In particular, talented architects from LSS have cleverly changed the viewpoint throughout the path around the aquarium so that each view is new and attractive to the audience.

Do not hesitate to come to LSS, we will bring the love of vast nature and rustic countryside to your soul through such beautiful and peaceful designs!

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