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   Mr. Dan

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Not advocating a consistent style, coupled with creativity and solid experience, LSS has repeatedly performed various combinations from two different design styles to produce multi-colored and harmonious works. For example, the Mr. Dan’s Villa, which possesses a harmonious combination between the characteristic breath of the Mediterranean land with tropical sea breezes and bright colors and the Japanese style with meticulous layout and calm colors!

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The pool area is designed with images of European subtropical countries. Preferred plants include Coconut, Palm, and Date – palm trees that are typical of the Mediterranean area. The main colors are tones of sea sand and seashells, such as the fawn of the outdoor furniture, the ivory of the fence, and the prominent flowerbed above with a variety of flowering shrubs with vibrant tones, all cleverly coordinated to give a feeling of light and freedom. Besides, the designer also used a few plants familiar to Vietnamese to create a feeling of closeness such as Taro, Canna, Golden Pothos, etc. – plants that can grow healthily and sustainably in the native land. The pool area is meticulously and delicately designed with wood Pavilion and white curtain in true European style; in particular, the large bas-relief right in the center position also adheres to the gentle coastal color and exudes attractive elegance.

With the purpose of bringing a little Japanese influence to the design, the architects cleverly selected materials and plants to create a unique feature. Shrubs are mainly pruned into round and low clusters; the highlight is only a single tree shaped like bonsai with lights and stones scattered around the aquarium – one of the typical elements of Japanese gardens. The designer has carefully arranged nearby a mid-range shade tree with a natural shape – this is considered a transition between two European and Asian botanical styles.

The subtlety in the design also lies in the use of stone to border the pool with dark tones to create an ancient and old-fashioned look, but is connected to the wooden floor in a modern style by stepping stone with lighter tones. Especially in the front area of the villa is a simulated version of the Japanese Karesansui garden with stones, low shrubs and white pebbles.

“People use what they already have, artists create on what they already have.”

The skillful interference and combination that exudes the liberal Mediterranean breath resonates with the Japanese sedentary style, demonstrating the talent and artistry of the LSS architects, and at the same time giving the villa garden a feature unmistakable anywhere.

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