Phnompenh Garden Villa



    Phnompenh – Cambodia

   1100 m2




Being trusted by foreign investors, LSS is once again in charge of an international project with a villa located on a land of 12,000 m2 in Phnom Penh – Cambodia.

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According to the criterion of preserving the cultural identity and characteristics of the Asian land, the design brings a traditional image with the architecture of wooden houses on stilts along with triangular or trapezoidal roof.

Blending into it is a large garden with diverse functional areas such as outdoor dining area, flower garden, landscape waterfall, large aquarium and natural ecological swimming pool.
Covering one-third of the contiguous surface of the building is water – a feng shui element that is considered a lucky symbol right in front of the villa, both attracting fortune and banishing bad omens from the area.

Surrounding the edges of the aquarium are green trees and stones arranged in a natural and harmonious layout, using indigenous plant varieties to bring the most natural feeling. We can see familiar trees such as areca, coconut, banana and date, some highlights are rare bonsai trees located in the landscape waterfall area. Simultaneously, LSS also makes maximum use of diverse aquatic species contributing to adorn the large water area more vividly. In particular, the swimming pool area is designed by LSS on ecological criteria, in harmony with the surrounding landscape lake, the boundary is almost erased by the image of a flat bridge on both sides of the edge, creating a sense of visual “trick” that makes people feel like the swimming pool and landscape lake are merged into one, extremely interesting.

Each country has its own artistic values in its design, and in Cambodia, we can clearly see the use of wild tropical plants with large foliage and the emphasis on the water element improving the microclimate for the entire region. In addition, the landscape architecture is also preserved and recreated on the basis of absorbing modern elements but with a traditional look, which has made the overall garden villa in Phnom Penh created by talented LSS artisans more attractive, lively and special than ever.

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