A3 – 39 Phu My Hung Villa



    Chateau Villa – Phu My Hung

 500 m2




Phu My Hung emerged as the most developed urban area in Ho Chi Minh City at the beginning of the 21st century along with a series of ultra-large-scale architectural buildings and utilities. Therefore, the demand for landscape architecture was soon formed and the garden space at Phu My Hung villa gradually entered “history” with many features of modern architecture tinged with the color of Westerner.

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If the European garden has become too familiar, the contemporary Mediterranean garden of Sato villa in Phu My Hung will really bring sophisticated views and new feelings.

The garden with a large area and full of challenges, through the hands of LSS architects, has raised the level of luxury and class with the main part being a large swimming pool located in the center. The most special highlight is the transparent reflecting reinforced acrylic glass in front of the reflective lake that connects the space inside and outside the pool, giving the owner a unique enjoyment when immersing in the cool blue water and observing everything in the garden.

The second highlight of this area is the waterfall pouring down from above and the resting space looms behind it with chairs placed level with the water, where the owner can completely take a look outside but still feel secure and relax without fear of being disturbed by anyone else. The architects have also carefully selected the materials to cover lake bed in the form of Mosaic, pave walkways with warm sea sand, erect luxury marble columns and plant white pergola on the balcony as well as in the garden, all have brought the whole world of the Mediterranean land to this place.

Plants are certainly an indispensable factor for a garden space, but it is not easy to see how they are planted to show the owner’s aesthetic taste. Faithful and consistent with the chosen style, the plants here are also selected in a contemporary style and planted in an axially symmetrical layout. The main plants used are those of the Palma family, whose stems are straight, solid and sturdy, in sharp contrast to the low growing shrubs with warm-colored flowers planted around the roots, and this is also the most typical motif of the Mediterranean garden style: warm, vibrant and plenty of space to catch the sun. Everything from the garden, the trees to the lake, the waterfall has really brought owners new and liberal feelings: sun-drenched, windy, turbulent water, a whole Mediterranean sky right in the garden is no longer a dream!

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