Hung Phu Residental Area

    Residential – Urban Areas

   Hung Phu Real Estate Investment Corporation

   Tam Phu Ward- Thu Duc City

   9,2 ha





The main idea of the Hung Phu residential area landscape design is to form a green core of it, becoming the central part of a dynamic and modern urban area. Central Park will be the center of cultural and sports activities, thereby spreading energy & positive spirit to the apartment complex in the project and surrounding areas.

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In addition, due to the project’s peculiar location, the canalside landscape is also an indispensable landscape element to organize garden spaces for walking, resting, exercising, and bringing landscape features for residential areas.

The core landscape style is modern with natural, soft, and strong lines.


According to the original idea, the central park – SPRING PARK brings a healthy, fresh breath of spring. Therefore, a collection of tropical large trees, shrubs, and flowers is chosen which are easy to grow, easy to maintain, fast-growing, suitable for the climate and soil conditions of the area. Moreover, these are also plants and flowers with bright colors such as climbing rose, orchids, pink willows…

Aquatic plants in the regulating reservoir are also divided separately to create richness in space perception. Specifically, we grow lotus and water lilies at the lakeside terrace area; The area of the wooden bridge along the lake will be planted with candle grass to evoke a natural and wild scene, which is a unique highlight in the park.

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