Lakeview Thu Thiem

    Residential – Urban Areas

   HCM City Infrastructure Investment JSC

   Thu Thiem – Ho Chi Minh City

   1.6 ha




Lake View is one of two large-scale real estate projects in Thu Thiem’s new urban area invested by CII Company with thousands of billion dong budget. Aiming towards luxury and modernity, a high-class and homogeneous living space, fully meet both the material and spiritual needs of the residents.

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Therefore, the green space of Lakeview has been carefully and seriously invested with a layout including a main zone in the center and auxiliary zones connected. Right from the moment of entering, visitors can immediately see the uniqueness that is clearly shown in the facade of the central area. A multi-levels large stone waterfall streaming down, embracing the Koi fish below. The architect cleverly combined natural and artificial trends through the high-class Koi aquarium and stretching with soft winding lines.

Those natural outlines blend in with the surrounding brilliant vegetation from the large trees of the Palmae family to the flower rows of all kinds, which are randomly leveled, all of which carry the liberal breath of the cool tropical seas. Besides, the name board and led lights are also arranged extremely prominently, the reflected light colors are carefully selected, contributing to creating a fresh modern look for the facade.

But these are just “appetizers” for the senses. Going deeper into the central area, visitors will be “overwhelmed” by the luxury of the unique pool system here! The architects smartly apply the leveling method to create a sensory change for a large area of space. And most especially, it is a strong breakthrough to create a highlight with a large altitude trim pool leveling system– something that most people only see in foreign high-class buildings, through that emphasizes the luxury not only for this space in particular but also for the entire Lake View Tower 1 area in general.

At the same time, combining with the overflow pools, both increasing the attraction and creating a seamless connection for space above and below. In addition, there are Pergolas resting areas along with the shades, comfortable deck chairs catching the sun by the lake, prominent umbrellas for outdoor dining, and a safe play area for children. All are carefully researched by architects to bring spaces meeting multi-functions purpose, convenient, and achieve sensory aesthetics.

The team of LSS architects has gradually created not only a luxurious, modern, and classy green environment, but also generating sustainable values and enhancing the joy of living here for residents.

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