Bau Trung Lakeside

    Residential – Urban Areas

   DIC Number 2 JSC

   Chi Linh – Vung Tau

   1,8 ha




Bau Trung Lakeside is one of the projects in Chi Linh urban center, Vung Tau city, developed by DIC Construction Investment Development Corporation. In this project, LSS in charge of conceptual design for the landscape including all villas and luxury apartments.

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Located in a coastal city, the design of the project’s park needs to bring a lot of aesthetic values and outstanding regional characteristics. For example, the promenade park of the villas is a metaphor for the image of the waves rolling in layers, LSS architects cleverly designed the waves to stagger each other naturally to create a gap between the adjacent areas to install the interior lighting system. Since the ground surface has changed continuously, the replanting needs to be simple to avoid disturbing the view of the junction.

The green grass covers most of the park ground, the main highlight is a series of col-cut shrubs and mid-range trees interspersed on the waves that not only provide shade for the park but also evoke the image of aquatic life Water embraces Woods with impressive blessings. The inner space of the Lakeside luxury apartment complex has a very convenient location with green areas facing the water. On that basis, the highlight of the park is the group of statues – waterfall walls facing the sea as if welcoming new changes coming to this city. The garden and children’s playground areas are also arranged in a friendly and attractive manner with a tropical marine style through familiar palm trees such as coconuts, areca, bananas, traveler’s trees, and vines.

With extensive design experience and a team of talented and enthusiastic architects, LSS has brought to the overall Bau Trung Lakeside project a perfect and unique system of green space, through which not only create a green image for the residential community but also build an eco-friendly environment for this coastal city.

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