Viva Riverside Luxury Apartment Complex

    Residential – Urban Areas


   District 6 – Ho Chi Minh City

   2888 m2




The VIVA Riverside apartment complex, invested by Vietcomreal, is located on Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, including 3 fronts and a view of the Saigon River, is one of the unique highlights of District 6. With a prime location, easily connected to the neighboring districts, the investor expected a high-end landscape design and entrusted LSS to undertake this part of the project.

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At the high-end apartment blocks, aside from the landscape along the contiguous roads, an extremely unique roof landscape structure is created to boost the beauty of this area. With the function of connecting the service block below and the residential floors above, the 3rd-floor park is organized with 2 main areas including a swimming pool and outdoor cafe. In which, the swimming pool area is designed with higher code than other parts to create flexible space for users.

At the same time, the architects skillfully shaped a rather traditional rectangular swimmer as contrasting with the free-form tiled pattern, matching the lines of the greenery of the surrounding coffee area, creating a harmonious and modern vibe for the entire space. The top floor of the building is a second park with a stroll garden, a reading area, and a children’s playground. Also with the repetition of the styling of the lines on the 3rd floor, the LSS architectures have been more creative using the grass-growing canopy system and the delicately patterned pergola not only bring the necessary shade for the terrace but also creates interesting open spaces for residents.

With a high density of population, creating green areas for socializing activities is a challenge for HCMC in particular and big cities in general. Therefore, creating a landscape in higher positions is the solution applied thoroughly by LSS, which promises to be the smartest and most popular trend in the country in the future.

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