Green Star Hung Loc Phat

    Residential – Urban Areas

   Hung Loc Phat Real Estate Investment Corporation

   District 7 – Ho Chi Minh City





Green Star Hung Phat project is a modern complex with high-class apartments, adjacent villas, and a large-scale park developed by Hung Loc Phat Group. With the criteria towards a green and healthy image “detox & healthy”, the investor has chosen LSS to be in charge of landscape and public utility design for this project.

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The Park space with a square shape and an existing lake in the center seems quite easy for the design work, but it is an obstacle if the solution does not reach the optimal aesthetic and breakthrough. Applying a modern style following to the image of Origami (Japanese paper folding art), irregular straight and round lines are used to create the hollow, condensed areas connecting into landscape themes and distinctive sightseeing bridge.

With a large water surface space for more than half of the total area, the architects cleverly arranged a variety of aquatic plants along the lakeside, such as water lily, pothos, water hyacinth, etc., mainly in the sightseeing bridge area, make the space more lively and attractive. Especially in the middle of the lake is an “artificial island” modified by LSS from a landscape bridge with unique benches and an old tree with flowers and big shade, creating a very poetic atmosphere, promises to be a beautiful check-in point for young people in the area.

No need to go far, the dancing fountain in the middle of the lake is the highlight of the night will bring unique and interesting experiences. Besides, the wooden floor area with diverse shape lights creates a shimmering and eye-catching. And yet, utility works are also carefully completed by LSS. Like the clubhouse cafe with the metaphorical image of paper crane birds rising creatively and artistically folded. The park’s iconic area with modern laser sculpture combined with a smart spotlight is an attractive “welcome” highlight for the entire place.

Through its creative mind and delicate aesthetic eye, LSS has a great contribution to creating the image of a sustainable green residential area that fully meets the criteria set forth by the investor: Purify the body – Protect health – Generate life energy – Nursering family happiness for a more fulfilling life.

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