Water Point Urban Area

    Residential – Urban Areas

   Nam Long Investment Corporation

   Ben Luc – Long An

   355 ha




The Waterpoint project located in Long An is embraced by the Vam Co Dong river, with the characteristic thumb shape, the beautiful city by the river as affirms to be one of the best projects of Nam Long group.

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LSS once again had the opportunity to cooperate with Nam Long Corporation in the construction of the main landscape, the central roundabout, and the surrounding islets (excluding the items of Central Icon, Monument Roundabout). With a team of experienced, enthusiastic, and flexible improvisation, although most of the construction time is during the holidays and pandemic, the LSS team still promotes the progress and completes the project as scheduled. Plants are brought from LSS’s best nurseries, through quality control to select the best individuals. Besides, the maintenance team is also regularly on duty to ensure that the plants grow well and stay strong in the early storm season. From mid-range trees such as Japanese red latan palm to flower plants as Moss rose, they all grow up under the care of workers, under the supervision and dedicated instructions of project leaders.

To LSS, any project is a brainchild, even the smallest inch of land is nurtured and taken care of from the moment it leaves the nursery until the maintenance is completed and handed over towards LSS’s slogan “see green – see life”.

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