Pandora City

    Residential – Urban Areas


   Tan Phu – Ho Chi Minh City

   7500 m2




At the time of its establishment, PANDORA City was one of the largest commercial centers in Ho Chi Minh City with a full range of shopping, entertainment, culinary needs, etc. As a prestigious brand and the companionship with many famous international brands, the investor PANDORA City requires the landscape architecture to satisfy the identification and aesthetic factors as well as to become a highlight for the entire residential area. On that basis, LSS was selected to be the landscape design and construction contractor for the project.

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The green area of the commercial area is usually not too large, but the facility factors and brand identity must be put on top. As the sign of PANDORA City is made from monolithic stone with precise shaping from the well-known stone suppliers. The whole transportation process is also very elaborate because of the weight of the natural stone to minimize any risk of affecting the stone shape. Behind the commercial area is a swimming pool with Thang Long garden miniatures. embracing the beautiful rocky mountains, which are delicately carved and full of life as a spiritual symbol to bring luck to the project.

The main entrance area of the project is designed by LSS with a group of sculptural icons as a metaphorical image of sparkling night pearls. With a stainless steel frame and cleverly installed lights, the LSS “witches of light” created an iconic landscape that reflected the extremely beautiful polygonal patterns that later became an indispensable check-in place for anyone coming to PANDORA City.

With extensive design and construction experience, the LSS team has given PANDORA City the most distinctive and unique image. “PANDORA” – with the meaning of hope, love for life, and landscape values that LSS creates is not only a green space serving the community but also promotes aesthetic elements, characteristics, and brand identity.

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