Saigon Garden Villa

    Residential – Urban Areas

   Hung Thinh Corporation

   District 9 – Ho Chi Minh City

   30 ha




Located in District 9, Sai Gon Garden villas are separate from the busy urban area, shaped by the investor – Hung Thinh Group to become one of the most worth living eco-resort villa complexes in HCMC. And again, LSS is trusted to proceed with phase 1 of landscape construction.

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Cooperating with Hung Thinh Corporation for a long time, LSS fully understands the investor requirements & expectations, from the supply, transportation to installation and landscape construction going through the strictest quality inspection process. The project is divided into many categories including dry stream, cool house, sale gallery, etc. The overall construction of the first stage requires a large number of hardscape materials and soft scape.

The cool house items, the huts are concentrated to bring the rustic image using straw roof with 100% bamboo structure, the LSS team pays special attention to the technique, each connection, foundation position to the truss beams to ensure the coolness and safety. The hardscape also includes a huge aquarium in the central part of the Sale gallery, surrounded by high-quality outdoor wooden floors, wooden bridges, and surreal man-made stone embankments. The most special thing about this garden is the use of artificial stone by LSS in most landscape components of the project.

With the skillful techniques of experts, artificial stone is manufactured by LSS at the construction site, from the preliminary framing stage to the surface finishing, under the strict supervision of the project managers and investors. Intending to protect natural stone resources and our awareness of cost increase due to the difficulty of natural stone exploitation, transportation, and preservation, LSS decided to promote artificial stone technology at the construction site to meet the urgent needs of projects. Artificial stone is not too new in Vietnam, but LSS is proud to be a pioneer in

With more than 20 years of experience in landscape construction, LSS is constantly learning about technology to bring the most suitable technical advancements for landscape features in Vietnam, thereby creating sus living values and the most sustainable and practical for any project we’ve ever worked on.

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