Long Phu Villas

    Residential – Urban Areas

   Tran Anh Real Estate Corporation

   Duc Hoa – Long An

   3300 m2




Considered the most fascinating project of the year by Tran Anh Real Estate Company, Long Phu Villas is one of the most luxurious residential complexes with European style with special advanced technical infrastructure. Located on the frontage of National Highway 1A, a golden land in the heart of Ben Luc town – Long An, Long Phu Villas has full access to the busiest and most dynamic utility services of the area. Therefore, it is not surprising that real estate investor Tran Anh continues to choose a professional landscape design and construction LSS to accompany this Long Phu Villas project.

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As one of the pioneers and leaders of landscape architecture, LSS quickly came up with ideas for Long Phu Villas so that the residential area not only catches up with the latest design trends but also has outstanding features. Not to be confused with any project that has cooperated with Tran Anh Real Estate before. The highlight of Long Phu Villas presumed is the modern and luxurious Clubhouse area. The contrast between the classic European style of the residential area and the strong geometric shapes of the Clubhouse area brings an interesting and attractive intersection! Breaking the traditional frameworks, LSS architects cleverly bent the corners of the era, without symmetry but still balanced and solid in the overall layout. The large campus is filled with tropical plants and flowers arranged carefully and delicately, it is the rich combination that makes the design space keep interesting in every angle. Not to mention the uniquely arranged swimming pool system hidden in the green foliage right in the center of the campus, providing a high-class space experience like a 5-star resort.

Not only specializing in landscape design and construction, but LSS is also a high-class architectural design contractor, and the Clubhouse area of Long Phu Villas is a prime example! Although the building block is completely square, details such as the welcome roof, the tempered glass system with bold block cuts have brought novelty and ultra-modernity to the building. The gate of the residential area is also a clever combination between the iconic shape and unique exterior and interior architecture! The promenade of both the Clubhouse area and the main park share an impromptu style of separation, but still, ensure rigor and the most convenient traffic for the whole area. Especially the main park with an extremely large children’s play space with a lot of creative “pieces” in the lines, although the overall is still encapsulated in a square campus. At the same time, the sidewalk greenery of the residential area also contributes to the neoclassical architecture typical of Long Phu Villas villas and townhouses more luxurious and classy.

Landscape solution service company LSS has accompanied Tran Anh Real Estate in many projects such as Bella City, Tran Anh Riverside, … and the Long Phu Villas project is no exception. With many years of experience in architectural and landscape design and a team of young dynamic and creative architects and engineers, each landscape design project created from LSS brings with it the power of Unique charm and very own stature. Likewise, the Long Phu Villas project will certainly be a peaceful place to live for people as well as bring a unique living space with luxurious, modern, and top-notch experiences in the area.

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