Au Co Melody Residences

    Residential – Urban Areas

   Hung Thinh Real Estate Investment Corporation

   Tan Phu – Ho Chi Minh City

   500 m2




LSS has always been a landscape contractor trusted by many big investors, especially Hung Thinh Real Estate Business Investment Joint Stock Company. With nearly 20 years of construction experience, LSS continues to accompany Hung Thinh in the Melody Au Co project to create a modern living space within nature in the heart of Saigon.

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Located on the well-known Au Co street in Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City, the apartment complex requires eye-catching and friendly scenery, becoming a highlight on the route. On that basis, LSS selects and carefully screens all landscape elements from plants to materials to meet the design criteria while ensuring the highest possible vitality and sustainability. Each plant of the same species must be evenly in shape, color & health. From nursery, transportation to construction and maintenance, LSS engineers always follow each step closely to detect pests and diseases in time, quickly offer optimal treatment methods to ensure the landscape appearance.

Melody Residences is a city filled with beautiful sounds and melodies of nature right from the welcome gate. Meeting the investor requirements & expectations, LSS has succeeded in creating a green space filled with clarity and coolness, becoming a place of inspiration, helping residents and their families enjoy the nature inside their living space.

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