LSS Funds: For The Community

On July 31, 2021, on the occasion of the business summary event for the first 6 months of 2021, Landscape Solution Service Joint Stock Company established the LSS Funds For The Community, to call to support the frontline forces and LSS staff in health care against the complicated situation of the Covid epidemic, contributing to spreading love, mutual support and solidarity.

After 3 weeks of launching, the LSS Foundation has received 60,534,565 from 31 sponsors, who are individuals from the LSS organization and partners.

On the morning of September 16, 2021, 1 AMPELL SP 8800 ELECTRICAL injector and 444 3M 1870 PLUS masks – 2 medical equipment/supplies in the plan of the LSS Funds For The Community were donated to number 8 Field Hospital, HCMC.

After discussing and consulting with Doctor Phuoc, currently working at the Social Work Department of the high-tech zone of Binh Dan Hospital and No.8 Field Hospital, LSS has been updated on the current situation. During the treatment of Covid patients at the hospital, we know that ELECTRICAL INJECTOR AND FACEMASKS are essential medical supplies.

 To support the medical team to have solid protection against the daily risk of intrusion from the Corona virus and optimize the efficiency and time in treating patients, LSS has ordered according to Doctor Phuoc’s advice:

  • 1 AMPELL SP 8800 electric injection: made in Korea, used to transfer all kinds of fluids, medicines with accurate dosage & speed when treating patients with a value of 19,500,000 from Optical supplier Duong, recommended by the doctor.
  • 444 3M 1870 plus masks, the most advanced type with the safest level of protection, FDA certified, N95 standard, against blood & liquid splashes, with a value of VND 16,170,000 from GALUP supplier – Official distributor of 3M in Vietnam, recommended by doctors.

Due to the stressful epidemic situation, the market demand for these types of medical equipment is very high, it took LSS about 4 weeks to contact many different suppliers to buy the right type of equipment from reliable suppliers, fortunately, today these supplies have also been delivered to the “warriors”, with this small support, the LSS Funds For The Community and all the sponsors have contributed to the Fund sincerely hope to support, add a part of spiritual strength, wishes the frontline force good health, good work and soon win the pandemic.

Thank you very much to Dr. Phuoc and the staff of Binh Dan Hospital for sharing, consulting, proposing & supporting LSS to complete the implementation plan of the LSS Fund for the Community this time. (Binh Dan Hospital is the organization that receives, gathers, and coordinates medical supplies to field hospital No. 8).

Currently, LSS Fund for the Community has spent a total of 36,070,000 VND for this donation. Previously, the Fund also spent VND 5,733,220 in purchasing 88 Covid Humasis ACOVA-7025 test kits for LSS staff and delivered them to our staff.

The Fund’s budget is currently 18,631,365 VND. We will update the details of the amount spent as well as the plan to use the remaining Fund budget for the contributors.

LSS would like to sincerely thank all the sponsors for their interest and contributions and for accompanying us throughout the implementation of the Fund.

Wishing all sponsors a lot of health, safety & joy, quickly overcome the Pandemic, return to normal life & work.

Sincerely & Respectfully,

___Ban biên tập LSS___