Long Hau Industrial Park

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   Long An

   4 ha




Long Hau Industrial Park is one of the industrial parks with huge investment incentives, located in a strategic location, advanced technical infrastructure, and high-class facilities for experts and workers. In which, the modern, professional & green landscape architecture formed by the hands of the construction team of LSS has a significant role in the entire industrial park appearance.

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As the contractor for both the hardscape and softscape of the project, LSS has prepared a rigorous quality control process from the preparation of plant & materials. Each tree from the nursery or paving and decorative materials has gone through the evaluation stage to ensure the highest quality. From the planting stage to the maintenance after that, LSS experts are strictly monitored to ensure that the plants are healthy, beautiful, and sustainable. A team of trucks was mobilized to transport a series of large trees to the construction site along with a professional construction team that helped the construction of the softscape take place quickly. Besides plants, hardscape elements also make up the “backbone” of the entire project.

Sticking to the design, each brick is carefully built in terms of color evenness and glued to create impressive curves for the prominent. Each type of bench & chair in the park is specially designed with the most accurate dimensions and measurements. Especially, the water landscape area with professional construction brings a fountain system with 8 impressive high water columns, becoming the most unique highlight in the project. Not stopping there, the unique landscape basin with an overflowing waterfall under the shape of water jars is also carefully crafted by LSS’s factory, ensuring the most accurate shape, texture, and color.

Healthy and steadily growing plants, effective systems of lakes, waterfalls, and fountains after the construction process are a testament to the professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm of the LSS construction team, is a foundation and measurement for large-scale landscape projects, especially the industrial park-factory landscape.

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