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   Vietnam Ajinomoto

   Long Thanh Industrial Park – Dong Nai

   9 ha




Referring to one of the oldest Japanese food brands ever-present in Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention AJINOMOTO. Aiming towards sustainable development to create a green – clean – beautiful environment, AJINOMOTO constantly strives to associate production and business activities with environmental protection. This can be seen when visiting the group’s factory in Long Thanh – Dong Nai industrial zone, an area of 9ha is covered with a cool green color of flowers and grass by LSS Landscape Solution Service Joint Stock Company, bringing the freshest and most friendly atmosphere.

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To create a beautiful green space, the selection of individual plants is always LSS’s top concern. Since they were still in the nursery, a series of trees have to go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure their health at the new site. The soil at the construction site is also carefully studied by LSS to create a safe and ideal living environment for plants. Small independent plants are placed along with the corners of the factory – an arrangement commonly found in Japanese gardens that require each plant to be healthy and have the best stamina.

With a team of skillful & experienced engineers, each green area that LSS creates for AJINOMOTO industrial park not only achieves the target of plant health but also achieves full aesthetics. Japanese style is applied in almost every corner of the garden, a dry stream of white gravel is a prominent element for the landscape here. The clusters of garden miniatures are carefully invested through the selection of stone and gravel, the natural stones are chosen from the famous mine to bring harmonious colors and shapes, combined with shrubs form a distinctive highlight for the area.

LSS is honored to be one of the partners trusted by AJINOMOTO in its efforts to protect and embellish the green environment to provide a space that meets the trend of sustainable green living. This is also what LSS aspires to throughout the career, bringing green to life, “see green, see life”.

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