Industrial Parks

   Vietnam Dairy JSC

   My Phuoc 2 Industrial Park – Binh Duong

   20 ha




Not only has the advantage in the high-end urban landscape categories, but LSS is also one of the landscape companies familiar with a series of industrial parks and factories from well-known corporations, typically Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company VINAMILK. With the large scale and modern production technology line, the VINAMILK factory in My Phuoc 2 industrial park, Binh Duong has high requirements for landscape elements to create a space that not only brings a fresh, clean atmosphere but also connecting the worker community here.

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With a 20-hectare area, the LSS team has to find the balance between layout and details including main square areas, fountains, symbol areas, gardens, model areas, and other garden miniatures. The square is the highlight of an industrial park landscape complex. The consecutive leveled entrance area is the foundation for LSS to create a hill with luxurious and well-organized tall pomelo and areca kings running along the curve, highlighting the facade of the VINAMILK factory. Just opposite is the huge logo area with a huge grass field that can be seen from the plane, which is an extremely effective way to promote the brand. And yet, surrounding the logo area is also a curved lake with an hourly intelligent fountain that makes the facade of the factory more novel and is also a great measure to improve the microclimate in humid industrial parks.

The model display showroom is another attraction. To present the milk harvesting process from the best farms, the cow model provided by LSS is both sensory, vivid, and eye-catching, which later became a super hot check-in point for factory visitors. Perhaps it would be too superficial to say industrial parks do not need to invest in the aesthetics but only needs to have enough green tree density according to regulations, aiming to create a green – clean – beautiful utility space for the factory workers, all the items around the factory are carefully completed by LSS from design to construction.

With extensive design and construction experience, industrial parks architecture might seem rigid, but through the hands of LSS, they become more attractive and aesthetic. Thereby, the creation of green space for factories and enterprises is not only to meet the prescribed density of trees but also to show concern for the spiritual life of employees, bring you a friendly, healthy, and sustainable working environment.

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