Mr Son’s Villa

Khang Dien Villa is a typical example among the many works of Landscape Solution Services Joint Stock Company that still retain the same aesthetic values for many years afterward.

With an area of 2700 m2, the whole villa is like a true work of art with the perfect combination of luxurious architecture and great sublimation of the landscape.

In front of a large landscape area of ​​hundreds of square meters, balancing the layout and controlling traffic problems is always a challenge for landscape companies, but under the solid professional experience of the architects. LSS, the garden is not only standard but also has lasting beauty over time.

The landscape of Khang Dien villa includes subdivisions that are logically and closely combined such as the green vegetable trellis on the side of villa, the immense garden stretching with luxurious plaster statues, the resting patio under the delicate white pergola and especially, a large aquarium with waterfall in front of the villa. The wide stone bridge over the aquarium is also a highlight for the water area. The stones and shrubs surrounding the aquarium are selected to be as natural as possible from color to shape. A little further are the date palms stretching out to catch the sun, bringing a bold tropical atmosphere.

In the areas near the entrance, LSS especially uses valuable trees with unique and eye-catching shapes. Shrubs are cut and shaped in layers and shapes (Col) giving a neat and fresh feeling. This is a smart step of the designer that not only helps the garden to have an open and eye-catching view, but also is convenient for maintenance, as well as controlling the landscape shaping later.

It can be said that the combination of plants and the selection of planting locations in a large whole is the most important thing, giving the garden landscape a long-lasting perfection over time.

Architectural language is expressed through lines, landscape language is expressed through vitality.

The LSS team has once again completed its landscape design and construction task, contributing to one of the most beautiful & sustainable villa gardens in Saigon.

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