Ngoc Lang Complex

    Commercial – Complex Areas

   Thanh Vinh Mineral Corporation

   Ngoc Lang – Phu Yen

   35 ha




With the expectation of becoming the most modern urban area meeting the criteria of grade I urban area in Phu Yen province, Ngoc Lang luxury complex invested by Thanh Vinh Mineral Group has a detailed planning plan through the hands of a team of architects from LSS Landscape Solution Service Joint Stock Company.

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On an area of 35 hectares, the urban area includes high-class housing areas, villas, commercial complexes, hotels and a series of green parks, and large water surface entertainment. Sticking to the general planning criteria set out, LSS conducts complex planning based on renovation and implementation on the existing system and recommends building new commercial center areas. Modern services and utilities are needed for the project.

Each area in the model is also designed with low construction density to bring green space to each apartment. From the sidewalk to the landscape of the model apartment, there is a close connection, creating a sustainable green space connection. The villa architecture also uses high ceilings, ventilation, and glass materials to make the most of the outside views. The hotel and luxury villas for rent meet the needs of domestic and foreign tourists with swimming pool services, physiotherapy areas, sports fields, and spas.

On the other hand, it is a standard commercial office complex. Prominent and the highlight of the whole project is probably the KSTV cluster that brings a modern working environment, close to nature, meeting the increasing needs of businesses investing in Phu Yen province. Especially, the entertainment area is interspersed with static and dynamic activities including water music function areas, yachts, resorts, etc., which not only serves the spiritual life of the people but also promises to become a place to attract tourists and residents of the surrounding area.

With a team of well-trained planning architects and solid expertise, LSS has succeeded in shaping the concept for Ngoc Lang Luxury Complex – a special residential and commercial area combined with tourism. With a series of well-planned and synchronous functional and service areas, it is expected to become the most unique architectural and landscape highlight in the southern region of Tuy Hoa city center – Phu Yen.

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