Clubhouse Thang Loi Central Hill

    Commercial – Complex Areas

   Thang Loi Group

   Ben Luc – Long An

   2 ha




Accompany with Thang Loi Group many times in a series of large-scale projects, now LSS continues to be a reliable partner collaborating with the real estate group in the and landscape architecture design package for one of the most luxurious low-rise houses in Long An named Thang Loi Central Hill.

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With the slogan “living luxury in the middle of the golden land”, the super-scale project is carefully invested in the design stage to create the most decent and luxurious living space. The impressive welcome gate area with pure white stone color adorns the park along the entrance bearing the logo of Thang Loi Real Estate Group. Unlike some iconic entrance gates, the project’s entrance gate emphasizes simplicity, matching the architectural style of the interior area to bring a sense of luxury and elegance.

The Clubhouse area of the project is a testament to the talent of the LSS team not only in the landscape but also in the whole architecture when the entire entertainment complex stands out with the most modern and gorgeous European architecture. Still, with the dominant white tone combined with the gray tile roof and the brown-gray wood door frame accents, it makes the overall look more eye-catching. Around the complex is a modern swimming pool, stylish coffee shops along with a modern European-style green campus that will surely satisfy anyone who comes here. In addition, the surrounding apartment blocks with unique design, full of swimming pool facilities, trees, garden walk certainly meet the maximum needs of each family.

As one of the projects that own a large green area with a luxurious architectural style, Thang Loi Central Hill through the hands of LSS becomes an independent and comfortable living space, a place to connect residents in the area as well as the community, as a priceless gift with the most luxurious and classy living standards.

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