Sky Center Residential Complex

    Commercial – Complex Areas

   Hung Thinh Real Estate Corporation

   Tan Binh – Ho Chi Minh City

   1200 m2




Sky Center is one of the luxury apartments located adjacent to Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City, invested by Hung Thinh Corp. With an extremely favorable location, the project requires full and impressive utility landscape spaces, but still ensures reasonable arrangement on a limited scale.

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Located at the corner of Pho Quang Street, Tan Binh District, the facade is presumed to be the highlight of the overall landscape here. Therefore, the project logo area is arranged with a green wall following squares planting style on the façade that is illuminated with extremely fanciful lights, not to mention the row of green trees below which are elaborately trimmed and curvaceous to bring a more Elegant look and eye-catching exterior for the project. In the indoor area, the LSS uses the most healthy and elite individual shade trees and shrubs to ensure the good growth of these plants.

With a high density of plants, mainly large-leaved trees, the thick foliage not only creates a luxuriant image but also reduces noise in the flying funnel area. The date palm trees are planted around the pool area taking the advantage of their regular shape and luxuriant foliage to create the feeling of being immersed in an interesting tropical beach. LSS also pays attention to the green patches along the fences and project sidewalks. Large trees such as plumeria flower, areca palm are carefully chosen with neatly trimmed shrubs to bring a friendly image but still very professional in the overall apartment area.

With 20 years of construction experience, LSS is proud to bring the most authentic values to every project that we implement. Thereby, LSS not only creates an aesthetic green space, but also a commitment and assurance of outstanding construction quality that will last sustainably over time.

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