Khunsea Villa




   3200 m2




LSS is honored to work with the owner of one of the most beautiful mansions in Cambodia: Khunsea Villa.

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Pursuing the Neoclassical architecture, the investor in Cambodia requires the landscape to follow the form and style of the existing construction and create Asian features at the same time. In that spirit, the team of LSS architects decided to create a work that combines Western Neoclassical architecture and Japanese gardens. It sounds very strange, but this fusion has been a great success in creating a typical, aesthetic, and unique landscape block for Khunsea’ s mansions.

With an area of more than 3000 m2, top priority must be given to the tightness and seamless connectivity in arrangement of the landscape. The whole garden is divided into many functional areas such as a square, gazebo, aquarium, swimming pool, walking garden, pergola for reading and many other small areas in the modern style of East Asia. These are combined with a number of items featuring Western neoclassical architecture such as the square with multi-tiered waterfall fountain, gazebo with columns carved from rare monolithic stones. All of them are the main impressive highlights. By using the ivory white tone as the main color, the landscape blocks create harmony with the main castle in the center, and it will be the foundation for the development of a soft landscape system later.

LSS applies technological advances to the landscape in order to have unique forms of overflowing lakes, or colorful musical water fountains in the square. With the subtle Japanese style, the aquarium with a natural stone arrangement interspersed with traditional stone lamps, 3 – tier fountains, flocks of Koi fish and a large variety of imported bonsai with beautiful shapes is the unique area in the overall garden.

Being especially trusted by the investor from design to construction, LSS has successfully completed one of the most beautiful villa landscape projects in Cambodia, creating a foundation for LSS to continue promoting the implementation of more projects in other countries.

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